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About Val's Sound World

This is a space to record my journey into the world that is Sound. here I will aim to capture what I learn, what I listen, what I record and what I process. I will document how my understanding of Sound and its processes evolves, my experiences of sounds, and my sound portfolio as it comes to life.

A few years ago I made a short film. During this process, the sound recordist I collaborated with spent several afternoons recording wildtracks that we could use later in post. We were recording the sound of water dripping down a metal chair, experimenting by sliding the hydrophone on the chair. He let me put his headphones on. I will never forget what I heard, nor the image that sprung to my mind's eye. In an instant, the dripping sounds full of reverb (back then I had no clue what that meant) created the image of a long, dark tunnel which, until this day, I remember as if I had been in that imaginary location before. How powerful was sound that it was able to provoke an image of that intensity? Later, as the film's sound editor and I played with the soundtrack, my curiosity towards sound grew stronger and stronger. This was something I would need to get my hands on, I thought. It might've not been crystal clear to me back then, but looking back, it was at that time that I had chosen to dive deep into the Sound World.

This record picks up two years later. My Bachelor of Music graduating project is now focused on learning about and processing sound. I will do my best to capture the process in this blog.

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